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Beach Ride - Full Moon

Beach Ride - Full Moon

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A horseback ride along the picturesque beaches of José Ignacio at sunset, with the full moon shining high above, is a truly magical experience.

The natural beauty of the coastal landscape is enhanced by the warm hues of the setting sun, creating a serene and romantic ambiance. As the moon rises, the beach is bathed in a soft, silver light, casting an ethereal glow over the sand and water. The gentle sound of the ocean waves and the rhythm of the horse's hooves create a symphony of tranquility.

Guided by expert equestrians, riders of all skill levels will traverse the sandy terrain, taking in the natural splendor of the coastal landscape. The journey is both exhilarating and peaceful, allowing riders to connect with nature and the horse.

The opportunity to experience the beauty of José Ignacio at sunset and under the full moon is truly unique and not to be missed. It's a special moment to enjoy by yourself or share with friends and family.

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